The ecovillage

The Spanish students created a brochure for the ATADES ecovillage in Alagon, near Zaragoza. This village hires and welcomes handicapped people and operates completely with renewable energies. They use solar panels and resort to organic gardening, biomass heating, water recycling, plastic and cardboard recycling. Hosts can benefit from horse therapy and hydrotherapy.

Brochure E+ Green Jobs Ecovillage (Spain
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Here is the brochure the German students made for this ecofashion designer.  See also the video of the interview in the previous page.

Loud and Proud brochure (part 1)
Flyer Teil 1.pdf
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Loud and Proud (part 2)
Flyer Teil 2.pdf
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Here is another brochure about the famous German ecofashion designer Claudia Lanius whose interview is available in the previous page. This designer resorts to hemp or organic cotton for her clothes so as to reduce or avoid pesticides, chemical fertilizers and excessive water consumption.

Lanius (Erasmus-Projekt)- pdf.pdf
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Have a read of these flyers made by the German students about Sine, another ecofashion designer.

Sine Ecofashion Flyer 1.pdf
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Sine Ecofashion Flyer 2.pdf
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Le Hameau du Morne des Cadets
Brochure made by students form the Carbet school in Martinique for M. Tisgra, the first organic farmer of the island and ecotouristic guest house manager.
Brochure M. Tisgra.pdf
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Luppoleto Camuno
Brochure made by the Italian students from Liceo Camillo Golgi in Breno. They visited a hop farm in the Camonica valley where the owners don't only make beer but also all sorts of beauty products and a large variety of herbal teas.
brochure definitivo luppoleto.pdf
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The organic farm of V. Girdzijauskas
Brochure made by the Lithuanian students from Sviesioji Gymnasium in Kedainiai about V. Girdzijauskas who runs an amazing ecofriendly farm.
Eco friendly farm broshure 1.pdf
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Mr. Uzkuraitis, the vegetarian baker
Have a look at this beautiful brochure made by the Luthuanian students about the famous eco-friendly and ayurvedic baker, Mr. Uzkuraitis.
Green broshure 2.pdf
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Khars & Partners
Brochure made by students Liceul Teoretic Onisifor Ghibu in Sibiu (Romania). Il deals with a purifying water company in Sibiu area.
Brosura Green jobs for our planet
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