About us and our project

This KA2 Erasmus+ project takes places in the field of secondary education from September 2016 to August 2018. Its 8 partner schools are the Carbet middle school in France (Martinique), Shotton Hall Academy in Peterlee (England), Sviesioji Gymnasium in Kedainiai (Lithuania), Instituto de Educacion Secondaria Pedro Cerrada in Utebo (Spain), Liceul Teoretic Onisifor Ghibu in Sibiu (Romania), Ungdomsskule in Bremnes (Norway), Liceo Camillo Golgi in Breno (Italy) and Staatliche Fach- und Berufsoberschule in Erlangen (Germany). It respects the educational policy of the European Union by fostering the mobility of students and staff, the exchange of good practices and enabling teenagers better understanding 21st century stakes such as sustainable development, the protection of the environment including nature and mankind.


So as to enable students to discover as many green jobs as possible, the 8 partner schools will specialize in 8 different fields: Martinique (ecotourism and organic farming), England (wind energy), Lithuania (organic agribusiness), Spain (waste treatment, recycling and solar energy), Romania (drinking water management and purifying), Norway (sustainable salmon farming and sea wave energy), Italy (artistic creation with second hand or recycled material and hydroelectricity) and Germany (eco-fashion and sustainable accommodation).


The project plans 4 learning mobilities and 2 teachers' meetings:

  • Teachers'meeting in Sviesioji gymnasium in Kedainiai, Lithuania, in November 2016
  • Learning mobility to the Spanish partner school in March 2017
  • Learning mobility to the English partner school in May 2017
  • Learning mobility to the Norwegian partner school in October2017
  • learning mobility to the Martinican partner school in March 2018
  • Teachers'meeting in Staatliche Fach- und Berufsoberschule in Erlangen, Germany, in May 2018.

During these educational trips, students will visit eco-friendly  businesses in the partner school area and present the following works and activities planned by the project:

  • Powerpoint presentations of their schools and eco-friendly businesses
  • video interviews of professionals working for sustainable development
  • brochures summarizing the visit of eco-friendly businesses
  • role plays staging job interviews
  • a final guide a green jobs

We invite to follow us on this website for more updates, pictures, videos, reports and comments on our project.



Visit of Vilnius (Lithuania) after the first transnational meeting at Sviesioji Gymnasium in Kédainiai, November 2016.