Cultural and linguistic exchanges

Warm welcome at Pedro Cerrada high school where everything was set nicely up to greet the visiting students and colleagues.

Festive afternoon at the partner school where each visiting team could perform some traditional or creative dancing from their country.

This type of traditional dancing is typical of the community of Aragon and is called "la jota".

Above, international evening on Monday March 20th at Pedro Cerrada school with food from each country.




Farewell dinner on Friday March 24th 2017 at the restaurant La Casa de Andalucia. what was on the menu? Delicious paella for everyone, of course!!


Below, flamenco dancing show during the dinner.

 Gift of mascottes by the English students to their Martinique friends. Time to say goodbye!! A big thank you to the Spanish teachers and students who made us spend a wonderful week. See you soon in England!