Monday March 20th 2017, big day for the visiting students who had to present their countries, their schools and their specific sustainable development themes in front of the mayor of Utebo, the head of Pedro Cerrada high school and an inspector from the Spanish local education authority.

In the bottom left hand corner, from left to right: José María Perales (headmaster of Pedro Cerrada high school), Mayte Pérez (Minister of Education of the Government of Aragon) , Miguel Dalmau (Mayor of Utebo) and Jesús Garcés Casas (Director general of innovation, equity and participation of the Aragon's government).

Happy and proud visiting teachers!!

Tuesday March 21st: visit of the ecofriendly company BioCurve specialized in making heaters to burn biomass obtained from recycling. Conferences at the University College of Zaragoza were also offered on that day to enable students to find out about new inventions and technologies related of renewable energies.

Wednesday March 22nd: visit of the waste and glass recycling centre CTRUZ in Utebo.

After intellectual efforts, time to relax and enjoy oneself at the Fun Fair in Utebo.